Our Billing Policies

Billing & Collection: When allowed by contract or regulatory statute, SBMC will send regular summary patient statements and detail itemized statements when requested by the patient or responsible party. Any attorney request for billing statements will be fulfilled by sending detail itemized statements when proper patient or legal authorization is provided.

SBMC sends a letter to all Commercial, Managed Care, and Medicare patients 2 days after final bill to verify insurance coverage. A request is made to the patient at that time to contact the Business Office with any corrections or additions to their current insurance coverage. Once the primary insurance plan has paid and amounts due from the patient/guarantor are determined, the accounts begin the billing cycle described below for self-pay patients/guarantors.

SBMC billing cycles for sending self-pay patient/guarantor statements are as stated below:

Patients with Medicaid as the primary payer or Medicare patients with Medicaid as secondary payer should not have statements mailed to them.

SBMC and its external collection agencies may also take any and all legal actions including, but not limited to, telephone calls, emails, mailing notices, and skip tracing to obtain payment for medical services provided.

SBMC will make a reasonable effort to orally communicate with the patient/guarantor about its FAP and about how assistance may be obtained with the FAP application process before an account is turned over to a collection agency and reported as a negative item with a credit bureau.